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Grand Prix Archives

Arkansas RRCA Grand Prix Racing Series Archives Index

1990 Arkansas Grand Prix IX Champions

Overall Male:
  1. Fred Klinge
  2. Gary Wade
  3. Johnny Gross
Male Teams:
  1. Little Rock Roadrunners
  2. Arkansas Running Klub
  3. South Arkansas Running Club
  4. Hot Springs Spa Pacers
Overall Female:
  1. Joyce Deason
  2. Amelia Ingersoll
  3. Lisa Thoreson
Female Teams:
  1. Little Rock Roadrunners
  2. Arkansas Running Klub
  3. Hot Springs Spa Pacers

Arkansas Grand Prix IX

Arkansas Grand Prix IX marked a turning point for the Series as it doubled to 10 races and featured State Championship Events that were worth more Grand Prix points than non-Championships for the first time. Geographically, this expanded the Series from a relatively small area stretching between the Little Rock and Hot Springs areas to include races in southwestern and northwestern parts of the state. The number of runners participating also increased. Fred Klinge became the first man to successfully defend his overall title in winning the GP for a second straight year. Joyce Deason dominated the women's competition to win the first of 3 straight GP crowns. The race lineup consisted of the same five races from 1988-89 plus five races new to the Grand Prix: the Pepsi 10K in Little Rock, the Festival of 2 Rivers 5K in Arkadelphia, the MayFAST 12K in Fort Smith, the Watermelon 5K in Hope, and the Oktoberfest Fast 5K in Hot Springs. Both the Pepsi 10K (later known as the Bud Run and the Capital City Classic) and the Watermelon 5K would become staples of the Grand Prix Series for the next several decades. The Arkansas RRCA Awards added one category by splitting the Most Improved Runner award into Male and Female divisions.

Pepsi 10K
Festival of Two Rivers 5K
Riverfest Rock Run 8K
Watermelon 5K
Twin Cities Bank 5K
Caddo River 15K
Oktoberfest Fast 5K
Arkansas 20K
Spa 10K

1990 Arkansas RRCA Awards Winners